July 29, 2021

The Government studies adjustments in the Mortgage Law so that the bank bears more expenses | Economy

The Government studies adjustments in the Mortgage Law so that the bank bears more expenses | Economy

The Government did not want this Tuesday to comment on the very controversial decision of the Supreme Court, which returned to the starting point to consider that banking customers are those who must pay the tax of documented legal acts (AJD), instead of the entity that granted them the mortgage. But Moncloa sources say that the Executive from now on will "analyze and study the impact of the ruling." And that the Council of Ministers on Thursday will fix a position.

The solution that the government shuffles can go in the direction of forcing the bank to carry the AJD tax, freeing customers. But this change would only affect the mortgages that are signed from now on, and not those already existing. The change in the regulations would not be complicated, given that precisely this law is in parliamentary procedure because Brussels demanded that European standards be transposed.

The parties were already considering revising the distribution of mortgage costs and were negotiating, and Supremo's decision puts more pressure on the banks to assume costs so far in the hands of the client. It is not clear yet how this change will be made, but the political will to download customers is evident. The measure, in addition, will foreseeably have the approval of the opposition parties.

In this line, the secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, announced that his parliamentary group will propose changes in the law of real estate credit agreements. "Spaniards need certainty and it is clear that the consumer does not have to be the one to pay the AJD tax," he wrote on Twitter.

After days announcing mobilizations in case of a sentence against the clients, the leaders of Podemos announced protests minutes after knowing the decision of the Supreme Court. Pablo Iglesias fired for elevation. The leader of Podemos considers not only that the sentence puts into question the independence of the Supreme Court, but weakens democracy. "Shame and anger must become a great civic mobilization to defend the rights of the majority against the privileges of a minority," he added.

His ally and leader of IU, Alberto Garzón, made clear his indignation in four tweets written in a few minutes. "Private banks are thieves, the main enemy of democracies and those responsible for plundering our economies. The majority of the Supreme Court is on their side, confirming that justice has a price and that the system is rotten and exhausted, "he wrote. The leaders of Podemos and Izquierda Unida called a demonstration in front of the Supreme Court on Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

Not only the representatives of the purple party attack the Supreme. Leaders of the four major parties criticized the sentence. At the end of this Tuesday, a phrase seemed omnipresent in the Twitter profiles of politicians, journalists and anonymous citizens: "Banking always wins".

Albert Rivera, president of Ciudadanos, lashed out against "the show" offered by the court. "Incomprehensible. You can not subject this uncertainty to millions of families and offer this show, "wrote the president of Ciudadanos on Twitter, who called on the government to seek now" solutions to guarantee the rights of citizens and that something like this does not happen again. the future".

"Loses Justice and portrays the TSJ. We save tomorrow the threats of the bankers. But this should not end like this, "Socialist deputy and former San Sebastian mayor Odón Elorza wrote on Twitter. The president of the Catalan PP, Xavier García Albiol, described the judicial decision as "a serious error with unpredictable social consequences". A contrary message sent his party partner, the PP Economy spokesman in the Senate, Jose Manuel Barreiro, who valued that the Supreme Court has finished with "confusion" around the mortgages.

The Catalan separatist leaders also intervened. The president, Quim Torra, called the decision "supreme injustice. The scandal is absolute. The discredit of the Spanish judicial power, total, "he wrote.


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