Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

The Government studies additional measures for the rent and the domestic employees




The Government is studying new measures to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus crisis on people living on rent -and therefore cannot avail themselves of the mortgage moratorium approved by the Government for this purpose- in addition to other especially unprotected groups, such as domestic workers. This was announced today by the Vice President and Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, who has appeared today with the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, where he explained that this has been one of the issues addressed with the social agents, during a meeting that they held, together with other ministers, this morning.

Calviño has not clarified whether the rent relief measures they refer to premises and companies or also concern individuals and simply stated that “protection of the most vulnerable” is “a priority issue”. “We will do everything necessary and we are working intensively with the rest of the ministry to see other measures for vulnerable groups,” he said.

As detailed by the minister, the social partners have informed them that they “positively value the measures adopted” so far, although they have brought to the table several cases on which further work is required. Specifically, he said, there is an urgent need to solve the «problems of security teams and shifts in industry and transport, the need to redirect the country’s productive activity towards the production of sanitary material such as masks and ventilators, coordinate the approval criteria of the ERTEs … », he said. Furthermore, he insisted that efforts should be made to ensure that “All measures are aimed at avoiding layoffs”as well as the liquidity provided by the State for “domestic workers, people who have exhausted the right to unemployment benefit and tenants”.

The minister also acknowledged that during the meeting they have “confirmed the strong impact of the containment measures on the economy” but that it has become clear that “There is a consensus that health should be the priority”. For this reason Claviño has ensured that they also fight to “preserve growth” once the pandemic has passed. “We must minimize the closure of companies and the destruction of employment,” said Calviño. While has ruled out extending the activity stoppage to all sectors. “It is difficult to understand what these requests consist of [de una mayor reestricción de la actividad] when economic activity is already sufficiently slowed down, “he added, adding that the economy is currently” reoriented to priority sectors. ”

In this line, another pending aspect of the crash plan launched by the Executive is how far the State guarantees covered in the 100,000 million euros in guarantees that it announced last week. Calviño explained that the Government is seeing the conditions that “have been put in the countries around us.” Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom guarantee 80% of the loans, while, as ABC has reported, Companies ask that this percentage be applied to both new and old loans. “We are awaiting authorization from community authorities,” he resolved.

In addition, the Government is also developing a “coronavirus data office” to integrate the available information, coordinating with all the autonomous communities. “It is an initiative already approved in other countries,” said the economic vice president.


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