June 24, 2021

The Government shows its support to Andalusia due to the flood disaster

The Government shows its support to Andalusia due to the flood disaster

The government spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, said after the first meeting of the Council of Ministers held in Seville the cabinet's intention to mitigate the damages caused by the rains in the Community of Andalusia with economic aid.

The Council of Ministers is studying the economic figures that will go to the areas affected by floods last weekend in which there were numerous damages in homes, businesses, farms and different infrastructure of water supply, roads and buildings public.

Celaá has said that the Government has received the report of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Public Service on the consequences of torrential rains that have hit several areas of Spain, especially in the Levant, Catalonia, Aragon and Andalusia.

"These rains have caused multiple damage, and the Government is closely monitoring the development of events and is with people who have suffered the catastrophe," he said.

The government, assured Celaá, will provide economic aid and subsidies to meet immediate needs, but has not specified the figures on these aids.

The government spokeswoman has also announced the award of the Medal of Merit of Civil Protection in gold category to firefighter José Gil, who died last weekend in Malaga, when his car was dragged by a flood at the time he was participating in the emergency device.


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