The Government shields Sánchez and Ábalos in the controversy of the rescue of Plus Ultra



The Government continues with its policy of detailing the weight to the rescue of the airline Plus Ultra, the company linked to Chavismo that was rescued with 53 million euros from the Solvency Fund for Strategic Companies of the SEPI. First was Huntsman with his is “Spanish, relevant and strategic”; Later, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, stepped out by assuring “that all airline bailouts are necessary”; and now the Minister of Economy Nadia calviño and the first vice president Carmen Calvo have come to the ‘rescue’ of Sánchez and Ábalos, while they continue in silence.

Because the controversy does not stop and the Government continues to weather an increasingly besieging storm. Namely, while Ábalos denied any ties to the Ministry of Transport With the rescue of Plus Ultra, on Monday the newspaper El País announced that SEPI took into account a report from the State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA) when granting loans to the airline. An entity that depends on Ábalos’ own portfolio.

«It has nothing to do with SEPI, TO THAT It can only issue security reports, ”Calvo said today in an interview on Radio Nacional de España. A statement that, although true, contradicts the words of the Minister of Transport himself. “Someone has wanted to open a debate that does not exist, we are rescuing viable companies,” argued the vice president.

As well Calviño He came to the defense of the executive this morning by adding that “you cannot demonize” a company that meets all the requirements to receive the 53 million. In addition, he took the opportunity to replicate Garicano on the letter that the Citizens MEP sent to Brussels to request that the airline’s rescue be investigated by inviting him to “read the file” with which the Executive has decided to grant aid Plus Ultra.

Rescue in losses

The controversy remains in the limelight, with thousands of self-employed and small and medium-sized companies being left out of the 7,000 million euros of direct aid approved in a Royal Decree law last week. Because while these are asked to have registered a positive balance in the year before the pandemic, Plus Ultra is rescued with losses of more than two million euros and no exercise with benefits in its nine-year history.

In this context, the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, today asked the European People’s Party (EPP) to control European funds to “avoid scandals such as Plus Ultra.” “It is necessary to avoid announcements of finger projects and bailouts of companies without complying with the regulations,” Casado has detailed on the social network Twitter, after a telematic meeting with his colleagues in Brussels.

Because the opposition’s suspicions that the bailout has been more for political reasons and ‘cronyism’ than for a strategic sense for the Spanish economy continue. The ties between Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez – with whom Ábalos met in Barajas in January 2020 – and the Plus Ultra company are evident. As reported by this newspaper and Vozpópuli advance, the link between Maduro’s second (Camilo Ibrahim Issa) and three of the shareholders of Snip Aviation, the company that owns the most shares in Plus Ultra, is patent in the commercial register.

Thus, Rodolfo Reyes Rojas, El Arigie Harbie and Roselli Mieles appear together with Issa in up to two companies with registered office at the former headquarters of the Plus Ultra company.

Snip Aviation became a shareholder of Plus Ultra in 2017, a year before the company began operating the Madrid-Caracas route (very few companies have authorized commercial operations in Venezuela) and months before the arrival of a suspicious participatory loan from Panama, a country on the black list of tax havens for the European Union.

A participation that, according to the audit of its accounts, avoids the cause of dissolution of the company that, as of January 31, 2020, had a negative working capital of 5,753,638 euros and a net worth of 5,841,512.99 euros.

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