The Government sends to Congress a bill that reverses cuts in education

The Government sends to Congress a bill that reverses cuts in education

The Government has agreed today to send to the Parliament the bill that will abolish the educational cuts promoted by the PP in 2012, for which it considers eliminating the increase of students per classroom or the increase of the teaching day.

It was announced today by the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, at the press conference after the Council of Ministers, where she added that it is also contemplated that there will not be to wait ten days to appoint interns to replace professors. low.

The repeal of this ten-day period will come into force the day after the publication of the law in the BOE while the other two measures will be launched for the 2019-20 academic year "for reasons of planning and organizing the school year" , as indicated by Education in a note.

This bill of improvement of the conditions for the performance of teaching and teaching in the field of non-university education is argued in "the favorable evolution of the economic situation of the country," which advises the revision of the royal decree of rationalization of public education spending in 2012.

The communities will be able to provide the necessary resources to ensure that the maximum number of students per class in Primary and Secondary is not exceeded, as established in the Organic Law of Education (LOE).

Likewise, the autonomies will be able to establish the lective part of the weekly session of the professors.

The preliminary draft of this bill was presented to the autonomous councilors in the Sectoral Education Conference on July 30 and received their support, except for the PP.

The text was also presented to the trade union organizations of the education, has been analyzed by the State School Council and has been submitted to consultation and public information and has been explained to teachers' unions of non-university public education.


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