The Government sees "unacceptable" the expressions of Arzuaga (EHBildu) on the ESF

The Government sees "unacceptable" the expressions of Arzuaga (EHBildu) on the ESF

The government spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, has described as "unacceptable" the demonstrations that the EH Bildu parliamentarian Julen Arzuaga held in the Basque Parliament during the debate on the law of victims of police abuses where he compared the police organizations and civil guards with Nazis and fascists.

This is what Celaá referred to in the press conference after the Council of Ministers at the moments of tension and controversy raised by the intervention of Arzuaga in the defense of the approval of the law that recognizes victims of police abuses committed in the Basque Country. 1978 and 1999 and that went ahead with the votes of the PNV and PSE, the abstention of EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos in most of the articles and the opposition of the PP.

At the beginning of his speech, Arzuaga expressed his "absolute" contempt for the "corporative organizations of State Security Forces and Corps that are making an infected, disgusting lobby, so that the victims that they themselves have generated are not recognized" .

"For me you are the Nazis who are protesting because there was a trial in Nuremberg, for me you are the Francoists who are fighting so that there is no recognition of their human rights violations, which is outrageous, unacceptable and disgusting," Arzuaga added.

A few words that has criticized the spokesman of the Executive, which has branded what happened as "lamentabilísimo" and has described the words of the deputy of "unacceptable in any democracy."

In the opinion of Celaá, Arzuaga should have started his speech with the request for forgiveness for the crimes of ETA to then pronounce "a discreet, reasonable and prudent communication of the object of the debate."

On the law itself, the spokesperson also wanted to make clear that the rule adopted "there is no point" in which the victims of ETA terrorism are compared with the abuses of the police, which are cases "identified, specific and few. "

"This does not mean that we are spreading any suspicion about the security forces," said Celaá before emphasizing that thanks to them, democracy, the judiciary and international cooperation we were able to get out of ETA's terror after almost 50 years. .

And he added: "We endured 50 years of ETA terrorism and many of the victims were members of the security forces, all respect and honor for them."


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