The Government sees Otegi’s gesture “insufficient” and demands that he ask for “forgiveness”

The Government of Pedro Sánchez moves away in its institutional position from the celebration that PSOE and United We Can the rupture of EH Bildu and Sortu with ETA. “This is an insufficient step,” said the spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, who assured that they should “apologize” and “move from words to deeds”: “They should condemn when there are tributes or demonstrations in honor of ETA members when leaving the prisons ”.

Jonathan Powell, mediator of the end of ETA: "The PP endangered the peace process"

Jonathan Powell, mediator of the end of ETA: “The PP put the peace process in danger”

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“The Government values ​​the victims, it is always with the victims,” Rodríguez said before insisting: “The gestures are fine but we have to go much further. You have to ask for forgiveness and not participate in this type of demonstration that what they do is re-victimize ”. Thus, Moncloa reduces the lace that was made from the parties that make up the Government.

Until now Sánchez had left the reaction to the statements of Arnaldo Otegi in the hands of the party, which celebrated the step taken. “It was what Democrats have been asking for for a long time,” said Patxi López at a press conference in Ferraz on Monday. Asked if this step changes the relations between both parties, the Lehendakari recalled that he was the “distinguished [Javier] Maroto ”who boasted of reaching agreements in the Vitoria City Council on the“ new Basque normality ”and urged the rest of the parties to take“ example ”. “Democracy is never a walled city that does not allow anyone to enter; it always has the windows and doors open so that everyone who assumes the rules and values ​​of democracy can participate in it ”, he expressed.

The Government also considers, however, that EH Bildu’s votes are legitimate to reach agreements. “In those hard years of violence, what the forces that defend democracy demanded is that ideas be defended with words and not weapons. There may be ideological discrepancies in the Chamber but we must respect all the will that is expressed in the ballot boxes, “said Rodríguez at a time when the government has the nationalist left as one more interlocutor in Congress.

For the socialists, Bildu was a taboo subject for years and reaching agreements with the nationalist left, a red line; But the last electoral cycle turned the tables slightly. Sánchez arrived at Moncloa with the abstention of EH Bildu, although it was not decisive; but it was then when the PSOE began to remove the complexes when it came to reaching agreements with that formation. One of the leaders of this change in position was the current Secretary of Organization, Santos Cerdán, who convinced Sánchez to allow María Chivite to take over the Navarra Government thanks to that party.

And in Congress some relations have also been normalizing that a couple of years ago generated greater discomfort in the socialist leadership. “That Bildu supports the accounts is democratic normality and that the nationalist left is in the institutions, a success,” said the number two of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, in an interview on before the approval of the current Budgets. In those of 2022, it is also one of the parties with which the Executive intends to have.

Government sources suggest that the step taken by Otegi will not mean a significant variation in relations. “I think it will continue without much change,” says a minister questioned by on whether from now on it will be more comfortable for the Executive to agree with EH Bildu. Can it become a kind of ERC but in Euskadi? “It is too early to say that; but it is a step in the right direction ”, he concludes.


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