July 2, 2020

The Government sees a complete closure difficult with the economy focused on basic services

The Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, assured on Monday that it is “difficult to understand” the claims for the complete closure of industrial activity in Spain when the economy is already “very slowed down” and focused on essential services and the fight against coronavirus.

“It is difficult to understand what” total closure “consists of when we already have a very slow economic activity and are being redirected to essential activities,” such as agriculture, basic supplies or the manufacture of sanitary equipment, Calviño said at a press conference. .

“What we have is a situation that all economic activity is oriented to priority areas,” he stressed, which includes the industry dedicating itself to producing “priority material”, such as ventilators, protective equipment, medicines or masks.

Spain has adopted “the catalog of the strongest containment measures in our environment”, measures that “are being fulfilled” and “all economic activity is being oriented” to priority issues, such as the maintenance of the agri-food supply and basic services such as gas, water, electricity and telecommunications.

Apart from this, teleworking is being wagered in sectors where it is possible, because the protection of workers is essential “so that Spain does not stop.”

“It is important to put yourself in perspective,” he insisted, because “for a hospital to work, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries must function, as well as the transport in which the personnel have to go to work, as well as the textile industry that must continue to supply clothing. and agri-food, food products. “

In this sense, he pointed out that bank offices remain open because it is a priority service to prevent older people from being left unprotected.

Calviño has met with unions and employers and together they have identified issues in which we must continue to move forward in order to “eliminate uncertainties” and protect citizens.

These issues include the need to coordinate application criteria for temporary employment regulation records, ensure that the measures manage to maintain employment or that the liquidity measures “are effective” and reach SMEs and the self-employed to avoid company closings.

It has also pointed out that the need for safety equipment and the reorganization of work shifts in certain work centers must be resolved so that the activity can continue in safety conditions.

The minister has recognized that the measures adopted to stop the virus have “significantly slowed down” the Spanish economy, but she has indicated that the priority is to guarantee the safety of workers and safeguard activity and employment so that it recovers once the outbreak.


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