January 28, 2021

The Government says that the bad data of unemployment is the fault of a “bad harvest in the olive”

The Secretary of State for Employment, Joaquín Pérez Rey, has stressed that the January employment data is a reflection of “structural” problems of the agricultural sector such as lack of rainfall, mechanization or distribution and not attributable to increases in the minimum wage.

“The data show us that the problems of the agricultural sector are independent of the latest measures adopted in labor matters,” said Pérez Rey at the press conference to assess the unemployment and affiliation data for the month of January that ended with 244,044 less employed , the largest monthly drop since 2013, and 90,248 more unemployed, the worst figure for this month since 2014.

In the evolution of January, which is usually a bad month for employment due to the end of contracts in hospitality and commerce, this year the impact of storms on the olive campaign.

To the detail of the figures of unemployment of January, Perez Rey has emphasized that the greater rises in the agricultural sector have occurred in Jaén (3,848 unemployed more); Córdoba (1,664 more) and Seville (923), which points to the olive campaign where they have also impacted tariff issues.

On the side of the fall of the occupation, the Secretary of State for Social Security, Israel Arroyo, has also highlighted “the negative surprise” of agriculture, with 15,000 fewer members this January compared to an average for the month of 1,000.

“It has been a bad harvest in the olive”, Arroyo stressed that he has also unlinked the data of the SMI upload.

“We have no evidence that there has been a slowdown in the sector due to the rise,” said Arroyo, who acknowledged that January data is not good with falls in all regimes. Efe


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