August 3, 2021

The Government says that it will not apply the 155 because there are no reasons for it

The Government says that it will not apply the 155 because there are no reasons for it

The government's spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, assured today that the Government will not apply Article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia "as long as there are no obvious reasons to apply it", a question that, she said, has not occurred.

So Celaá has responded at a press conference at the Moncloa Palace to the question of whether the government plans to apply the 155 in Catalonia after the warning of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, who has warned that he will withdraw support for Pedro Sánchez does not propose a referendum proposal in a month.

"Between the leap into the void and the perpetual 155 is the coexistence demanded by the Government of Spain," said the executive spokesman after summoning to reduce the tension.

After the President of the Government warned that if the parties that support him, including independence, prioritize the conflict to cooperation could "go to elections and end the legislature," Celaá said today that "the Government is going to to remain determined in his Government action, which is final ".

The spokeswoman has guaranteed that the Executive will continue with all the resources open for dialogue "and to" overcome the conflict in Catalonia, "although she has admitted that" it does not appear that Mr. Torra is turning to cooperation today, today " , the minister repeated.

In spite of this, Celaá has defended that there is an "enormous terrain" for dialogue and agreements and that is where the Government stands with the conviction that it is what the Catalans and Spanish society demand.

According to Celaá, the Government is demonstrating its willingness to "build bridges and build concord" and the independence movement must assume its responsibility, which is to "govern, not gesture" and "not return to paths that lead to frustration".


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