February 27, 2021

The Government says that if Jesus Santrich is in Venezuela he would lose benefits

The high commissioner for the Peace of Colombia, Miguel Ceballos, said on Thursday that if the ex-leader of the FARC Seuxis Paucias Hernández, alias "Jesus Santrich", crossed the border and is in Venezuela without authorization from the JEP, he would lose the benefit of the signed agreement with the guerrilla in November 2016.

"If he left Colombia for Venezuela, the minimum he should have asked for was permission to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, if he does not, it would obviously constitute a violation of the conditionality regime to maintain his benefits," Ceballos told reporters.

The commissioner said that members of the former FARC guerrillas who have left the country for different reasons have had to ask permission from the JEP, which is responsible for judging the crimes committed in the armed conflict and which was created after the signing of the agreement. peace.

"Santrich is in the JEP regime and he has a right to congress, he also has some obligations," Ceballos said.

Since last June 30, Santrich has been involved in a new controversy for leaving his security scheme in place and leaving with an "unknown" course.

The "disappearance" of Santrich, who took office on June 11 as a congressman, was informed by the Government, according to which he was until June 29 in the Territorial Space for Training and Reintegration (ETCR) of Tierra Grata, located in the department of Cesar (north), where demobilized members of the FARC finish their reincorporation to life in society.

Regarding the case, Colombian President Iván Duque recalled this week that Santrich "has a call by the Supreme Court for an investigation" on July 9, for what he considered to be trying to evade justice.

The ex-combatant is requested in extradition by the United States for the crime of drug trafficking, allegedly committed after the signing of the peace.

Santrich's situation was the subject of controversy last May when the JEP granted him the benefit of non-extradition.

After this ruling, the ex-guerrilla was released by the Prosecutor's Office on May 17 and immediately arrested again to be released a few days later, which allowed him last June to assume as member of the House of Representatives for the FARC party. .

Santrich is not the first member of the FARC high command to decide to "disappear", as former peace negotiator and number two of that group, Iván Márquez, did before; Henry Castellanos Garzón, alias "Romaña", and Hernán Darío Velásquez, "El Paisa", former head of the Teófilo Forero column, one of the most violent of the old guerrilla.

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