January 24, 2021

The Government saves the Tokyo 2020 ADO Plan | sports

The Government saves the Tokyo 2020 ADO Plan | sports

The television campaigns of the companies that support the ADO Plan will not be considered publicity, so they can be broadcast without restrictions on the RTVE networks (La Primera, La 2, Teledeporte and 24 Horas), in which advertising is prohibited. This has been decided by the Government with a modification of the RTVE financing law included with shoehorn in the Royal Decree Law of urgent social protection measures and the fight against precarious work in the working day approved yesterday.

The financing of the Tokyo 2020 ADO Plan was in jeopardy since last June, when the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) fined the public body 341,280 euros for the broadcast of advertising campaigns of nine partner companies and sponsors of the plan that finances scholarships that allow athletes to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The announcements were inserted in the promotions that RTVE made in all its channels of its program Objective Tokyo, issued in Teledeporte.

The CNMC argued its sanction that the financing law of the public entity "is characterized by the general prohibition of issuing advertising." The foundation, precisely, of the ADO Plan is that the 10 companies that support it together with the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Superior Council of Sports -CaixaBank, Telefónica and State Lotteries and Bets, as sponsoring partners, and Paschal Milk, Coca-Cola, Cola Cao, B The Travel Brand, Golden Star, Correos and Allianz, as sponsoring companies – receive the right to broadcast their advertising campaigns in RTVE in exchange for their financial contribution to the plan, which amounts to some 22 million euros, all for the Olympic period of four years. This amount is nine million less than what was collected in the Rio 2016 Plan, in which five more companies participated. And one of the most important, Coca-Cola, has reduced its contribution by leaving for the first time to be a partner to be one more.

In the modification of the financing law approved on Friday in the Council of Ministers, the danger is ruled out declaring that "the sponsorship campaigns of companies destined to the development of the ADO and ADOP programs [deporte paralímpico] and that they do not suppose an economic benefit for the Corporation of Spanish Radio Television will not be considered publicity ".

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