The Government saves the operators from the duty of having a physical supervisor attend to the customer on calls

Theresa Sanchez VincentCONTINUECarlos Manso ChicoteCONTINUE
Updated: 06/16/2022 01:54h
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norm with which it is intended to put an end to answering machines in consumer relations
with the companies was announced with great fanfare by the Government a few months ago. However, the latest draft of the bill for the Customer Service Law includes a final provision that exempts telecommunications companies from the obligation that a supervising natural person answer the call if the user so requests. Personalized attention, in these cases, will only be guaranteed "as a last resort". This nod is addressed only to telecoms, since the rest of the companies with more than 250 workers or those considered as providers of basic supply services will be subject to this legal point that implies listening by a specialized telemarketer if the client requires it at any time and not as a last resort.

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