The Government requires the PP not to block the Court of Accounts, with a conservative majority about to expire

The Government requires the PP to renew the Court of Accounts now that the mandate of its members is about to expire as it expires on July 21. The spokeswoman for the Executive, María Jesús Montero, has asked Pablo Casado to "stop making excuses" to block the renewal of constitutional bodies, including the General Council of the Judiciary, the Ombudsman or the Court of Accounts, which are operating with expired mandates and threatening to include the oversight body. "At the discretion of the Government, it is not acceptable, it is a tremendously undemocratic attitude, not complying with the constitutional mandate and putting obstacles or directly boycotting the renewal of the constitutional bodies with the sole motivation that it believes that it has a better majority if it does not proceed to its renewal ", Montero responded in the press conference after the Council of Ministers to questions about what the Executive intends to do given that The Generalitat requires Pedro Sánchez to act before the cases opened against pro-independence leaders by the you process.

The Generalitat asks the Government "a solution" for the case of the Court of Auditors but does not specify its requirements

The Generalitat asks the Government for "a solution" in the case of the Court of Accounts but does not specify its demands

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In Moncloa they recognize that they have little margin since it is an administrative institution that does not depend on the Government, but Montero's message has been clear when responding directly to the PP, which already anticipates that it has no intention of proceeding to appoint new directors once the current mandate expires on July 21 after nine years of duration, which is what the regulations establish. Montero has accused Casado of seeking "excuses", such as pardons, the relationship with the independence movement or the very "legitimacy of the Government, to refuse to renew those bodies when, in his opinion," the reasons that assist him is because he considers that the majorities that exist benefit the PP ".

"The Court of Accounts is the Chinese in the shoe of Sánchez and the independentistas," says the PP in its internal argument: "The fact that the process for embezzlement continues makes the pardoned uncomfortable and, therefore, annoys a Sánchez who acts as a defense attorney and who wants to settle any legal problem that affects them. " "The forgiveness that Sánchez wants to grant goes beyond the crime of sedition, he also wants to forgive them for the more than 5 million public money they embezzled. That is why he has been in a hurry to renew the members of the Court of Accounts," says Génova in its slogans, ignoring that the mandate stipulated by law ends on July 21 since it was that day in 2012 when the appointment of the directors was published in the BOE. "We will not renew any judicial body without it being accompanied by a reinforcement of its independence," the conservatives decide.

The Executive spokeswoman has not ruled out that mechanisms are put in place, such as the change of the law to lower the majority of three fifths that is required to elect the counselors of the Court of Accounts, although she has opted to "wait for the moment when they fulfill the mandates ". "We believe that there must be an opportunity to rectify those who are improperly developing a veto that does not correspond to the constitutional bodies," said Montero, who has acknowledged that he does not know how far "that will" of the PP reaches to block the institutions . However, other government sources flatly reject that option that was already raised with the Judiciary as a method of pressure on the PP and it was finally withdrawn since it generated a lot of controversy.

For his part, the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, has explained that the State Attorney does not act at this time in the process that affects 41 independence positionss. "The operation of the Court of Accounts, what the doctrine says and what is done every day is that once the provisional liquidation the Lawyer does not file a lawsuit, that is what is done," he said. Sánchez assured this Monday that he will not give any instructions to the State Lawyers in this matter and what they reiterate from the Executive is that the Court of Accounts is an administrative body and that, against its resolutions, it is possible to resort to judicial means.


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