The Government repeals the Aznar law that opened the door to the privatization of health

The Council of Ministers has taken the first step to approve a health equity law that establishes direct management as a “preferred formula” for the operation of health services. The text repeals, as explained by the Minister of Health, the law approved by the Executive of José María Aznar in 1997 that opened the door to privatization in health.

A step that, however, the Government partners consider insufficient. A few minutes before the press conference, Unidos Podemos has announced that it will request the “revision” of the text in the amendment period because it “follows the path” of privatization. “It is a law of the entire Government,” Darias replied when asked about the discrepancies.

The draft also advances in the progressive elimination of copayments approved by the PP in 2012 and shields health from other possible ones that could be approved in the future. Since January 1, six million people (pensioners with low incomes, people with dependent child benefit or minors with disabilities) have been exonerated from paying for medicines. The Government now adds the orthopedic prostheses that these groups will not have to assume either. The standard is still subject to a very long process until it is approved,


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