The Government renews the CES that will appoint Francisco as president

Image of the Governing Council held yesterday chaired by its owner, Ángel Víctor Torres. / C7

The appointment of the head of this body -which has been in office for two years- will not be unanimous, since the CC OO will abstain and the UGT wants to negotiate a vice-presidency

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Two years after the dismissal of the president of the
Economic and Social Council (ESC) of the Canary Islands, Blas Trujillo,
the Governing Council yesterday appointed the directorsof the consultative body that, from now on, will be in charge of electing the president in a plenary session.

The charge will surely fall to
the businessman from Tenerife and former president of the CEOE-Tenerife, José Carlos Franciscoafter a bizarre process of agreements and disagreements around the candidates.

Once the appointments have been approved by the Executive and after they are published in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands (BOC), the president, Ángel Víctor Torres, will be in charge of convening the constitutive session, in which the presidency and vice-presidents will be elected. of the CES.

In principle, and in view of the consensus obtained in recent processes, this time a vote will be taken.
Francisco will have the support of the two employers. Instead, the secretary general of
CCOO, Inocencio González, has already stated that his three representatives
they will refrainwhile
UGT will claim a Vice Presidency to support the employers' proposal. Its leader, Manuel Navarro, indicated in this regard that they are waiting to "sit down and position ourselves."

Both unions have considered in recent months "not recommended" to reach a vote without prior agreement, since it would lead the new CES to start its divided journey. Instead, businessmen have stressed the importance of this body being chaired by an independent person not proposed by the Executive.

In functions

After the end of December was declared
by decree the dismissal of the members of the CES due to the expiration of the legal term of office, and the call was made for its renewal. However, the appointment was delayed by the
lack of agreement on the candidate.

The Canarian Confederation of Entrepreneurs was the first to propose Vicente Marrero, president of Femepa. But the Government put on the table the name of the professor at the University of La Laguna, Gloria Rojas, although businessmen and unions agree that "they did not know how to negotiate for her."

And it is that, when there was already a closed agreement between the regional government, unions and the CEOE-Tenerife to appoint Rojas as president of the Economic and Social Council -she would have been the first woman to lead it-,
the Tenerife employers took a turn to his position and joined the rest of the businessmen to reverse the pact and propose José Carlos Francisco as leader of this advisory body.

His departure from the Presidency of the CEOE was the trigger that made the businessmen from Tenerife turn around, who also
They joined the Las Palmas employers' association and the chambers for their cause.

After verifying this majority in the plenary session of the Council, the businessmen of the two provinces pressured the Minister of Economy, Elena Máñez, to take the appointments to the Governing Council, an essential requirement to sit in the CES, while Rojas announced that she was no longer a candidate.

The Executive delayed this process for months waiting for a unanimous agreement that finally has not taken place.

The plenary session of the ESC is made up of 18 members

  • CCOO:
    Innocent Gonzalez; Maria del Carmen Marrero; Sergio Melian

  • UGT:
    Manuel Navarro; Rosa Mirna Ortega; Patricia Trujillo Vega

  • CEOE-Tenerife:
    Jose Carlos Francisco; Rachel Bad; Slim Angel

  • ECC:
    Jose Cristobal Garcia; Vicente Marrero; Laura Dapresa

  • Chambers of Commerce:
    Mauro Manuel Fernandez Felipe; Manuel Santana Leon; Jose Torres Fuentes; Antonio Rodriguez Marichal

  • Consumers:
    Manuel Ramos Martin; Peter Bethencourt War

  • Experts:
    Maria del Cristo Dorta Lopez; Manuel Luis Perez Artiles

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