The Government removes iron from different votes of JxCat and ERC on alarm status

The Minister of the Presidency and spokesperson for the Govern, Meritxell Budó, has removed iron this Tuesday from the possibility that the two partners of the executive -JxCat and ERC- vote differently in Congress regarding the extension of the state of alarm decreed by President Pedro Sánchez.

JxCat has decided to toughen up its position and will vote 'no' on next Wednesday's state of alarm decree in Congress, with what could be a differentiated vote regarding ERC.

In the telematic press conference after the weekly meeting of the Govern, Budó (JxCat) stated that "it would not be the first time" that they vote differently in Congress, so "it would not have to affect" the Catalan executive .

The councilor recalled that JxCat and ERC did not vote in the same direction at the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez and noted that in parliamentary chambers, "as political parties, each one has their strategies."

In any case, he has made it clear that JxCat and ERC are managing the COVID-19 crisis "together" within the Government and has ensured that they will prevent the positions of each party in Congress from "altering" that work of the Generalitat.


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