The Government reminds that the electric social bond can be requested in 2019

The Government reminds that the electric social bond can be requested in 2019

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition recalled today that the electric social bond, which provides discounts on electricity bills, may continue to be requested in 2019, and that although it has not been renewed before December 31, the right to request is not lost. .

In a statement, the ministry notes that the social bond, which can benefit households in vulnerable situations, can be processed once it starts 2019 at any time and remember that if the criteria are met, the citizen can benefit from rebates of 25% or 40% on the electricity bill.

According to the latest data available, more than one and a half million complete applications have been received, of which over one million have already activated the social bond and will also receive an additional bonus to cover heating costs during the next winter.

As of December 19, of the more than one million electric social bonds, 544,570 corresponded to vulnerable consumers, 494,372 to consumers in a situation of severe vulnerability and 2,670 to people at risk of social exclusion.

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition also insists that the Royal Decree approved to regulate the new social bond prohibits the cutting of supply in households that benefit from this benefit and where at least one child under 16 lives, a person with a disability level 33% or higher or a person in a dependent situation in Grade II and III.

It also stresses that the Executive is coordinating with administrations and entities of the Third Sector so that the aid that represents the electric social bond reaches households at risk of energy poverty and is reviewing the requests that have not been addressed due to non-compliance with the established criteria.

So far, around three out of four complete applications for social bonus have resulted in the award of the bonus.


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