The Government relies on the controversy of Ayuso and the king to cut off the attacks of the PP on pardons

The attempts of the last days of the elected president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of link the king in the controversy of pardons to the prisoners of the procés, this Wednesday gave air to the Government in the control session to the Executive in the Congress of Deputies, which has used the outbursts of the Madrid leader to cut off the attacks of the PP for those imminent pardons.

A dinner with the king unleashes the first row in the Government of Aragonès

A dinner with the king unleashes the first row in the Government of Aragonès

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The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has accused the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, of using the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to divert attention to cases of corruption from his political formation. "You send Mrs. Ayuso to say inconsistencies about the king. You use the resources of the State to cover up his corruption," Sánchez told Casado during the control session of the Government in Congress. "We are not going to use the Constitution, the monarchy, or the flag to divide the Spanish," the head of the Executive has warned the leader of the PP.

Casado, meanwhile, has accused Sánchez of "lying" to continue in Moncloa and has made fun of the conversation that the chief executive had on Monday with the US president, Joe Biden, in the framework of the summit of the NATO in Brussels. "His painful 29-second monologue behind Biden caused shame to everyone," the PP leader has settled.

Sánchez reproached the PP for not having any proposal to resolve the conflict in Catalonia and Vox that his is the one "from 80 years ago" in reference to the Franco regime. The chief executive has vindicated his commitment to dialogue with the independence movement to seek a solution for the sake of "coexistence and harmony." And the leader of the extreme right, Santiago Abascal, has been reproached for considering the Government and, therefore, Parliament "illegitimate, as well as questioning the legality of the political forces represented there. "Here there are children and grandchildren of those who defended democracy," the president told him, who has blamed him for "longing" for the dictatorship.

Abascal, to Sánchez: "He will end up paying for it"

Abascal had blamed him that "his only principle is to stay in power at any price" and has assured that it is not the pardon that will place him in "illegitimacy" because, in his opinion, the origin of his mandate –Especially due to the pacts with United Podemos and the nationalist forces– it has already done so. "They have betrayed the Supreme Court, justice and the set of honest Spaniards who comply with the laws," Abascal told him before finishing: "He will end up paying for it and we hope it will be before a court.

The PP spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, and the first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, have also staged a new scuffle this Wednesday at the expense of the imminent pardons. Gamarra has assured that "Spain is facing a constitutional crisis of the first order that the Government has caused" since the independentistas are trying to "undermine the foundations of the rule of law."

In his response, Calvo has assured that the PP has "an almost genetic problem" and that is that "it does not know how to be in the opposition and accept the result of the polls." "His speech in addition to being incoherent is unreal. Illegality in Catalonia broke with his party colleagues in Moncloa", added the vice president. Calvo also recalled that the PP "has lost all electoral support in Catalonia." "What project do you have if you don't paint anything in the Basque Country or in Catalonia?" has wondered. "They are not credible because they are subjected to the extreme right," he concluded, recalling the protest this Sunday in Colón, which was clearly dominated by Vox.


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