The Government reiterates its firm commitment to defend and comply with the REF of the Canary Islands

Angel Victor Torres. / Juan Carlos Alonso

Torres insists on the need to stay away from the partisan struggle and is committed to spreading it more and better among Canarian society and educational centers

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The President of the Canary Islands
Angel Victor Torbeefreceived this Monday, at the headquarters of the Presidency of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a delegation from the
Spanish Association of Tax Advisors and Associations of Economists. In subsequent statements to the press, he reiterated "the firm commitment" of his government with the
defense and compliance with the Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF) of the Islands. Although he stressed that, at present, it is when the advantages implied by the REF and the Canary Islands' membership of the EU's Outermost Regions (RUP) are most exploited, the Chief Executive is aware that there is always room for improvement and updating of a key mechanism in the socioeconomic development of the Canary Islands, in line with what these experts stated during the meeting.

Torres told the press that his Executive has shown in the last three years his
firm commitment to the Canarian jurisdiction. During the meeting, he told the tax experts that the Government is open to continuing to improve the REF jointly. "The contributions they have made are important, as is the work we have developed over the years, which has resulted, for example, in the extension of the period for the materialization of the RIC for one year or in the fact that all the items of the 2022 budget had a specific concept and added up to the highest overall figure in the history of the REF”, explained the president.

However, Torres is aware that it is necessary
«polish, improve and update some issues, for which we must work hand in hand because the REF only belongs to the Canary Islands and the Canary Islands because it was difficult to achieve and, from the beginning, the singularities of our land were clear ». In this regard, he is pleased that
«It has never been as consolidated as it is now»although he insisted on the need for it to be separated from the partisan struggle, "so I am satisfied that this has been recognized today by the fiscal and economic advisers with whom I have met."

As an example of this need to update, the meeting referred to what happened with the La Palma volcano. "Also in this -he insisted-, we are going to work together because it is about future years, legislatures in the Canary Islands and at a national level that will have a large volume of economic resources from Europe". To this is added the
RUP condition of the Islands, "what makes the Canary Islands have consolidated rights that are not random, but of justice due to our periphery, remoteness, insularity and differentiated economic and fiscal status compared to the rest of the territories." As he stressed, in defending these singularities "we are going to join hands with the Government, the parties and the fiscal and economic experts."

The meeting also agreed on the convenience of
the REF is better known among Canarian society and spread it in schools. «It should be better known what the REF is and how it affects us, what the Canary Islands Special Zone is and how it is constituted, the Investment Reserve or being an Outermost Region. For that, we must take this information to educational centers and make an effort to divulge our economic, fiscal and cultural heritage on a day-to-day basis », he stressed.

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