The Government refuses to set percentages on teaching in Spanish

The Government refuses to set percentages on teaching in Spanish

Extraordinary meeting of the Government. / EFE

The Generalitat establishes a new regulatory framework one day before the expiration of the term given by the justice to comply with the sentence on 25% of Castilian

The Catalan Government is preparing to continue the legal battle against the ruling that forces it to teach 25% of classes in Spanish. With very fair time, the Government approved this Monday a decree law that tries to square the circle: it tries to shield the immersion of Catalan in school and at the same time it intends to circumvent the judicial ruling, whose compliance deadline expires this Tuesday.

The decree, which entered into force this Monday, sets the criteria that the Ministry of Education requires from educational centers from next year when preparing linguistic projects "in order to establish the relative aspects in the organization of teaching and the use of official languages. On May 9, the TSJC gave the Government 15 business days to comply with the sentence. The deadline is May 31. Specifically, it demanded that the Catalan Executive issue timely instructions to apply 25% of Spanish in teaching, which is equivalent to teaching a core subject in Spanish and not all in Catalan as until now.

With the approved decree, it will be each school (public and concerted) that must now prepare a new linguistic project, based on this new regulatory framework, and will have 30 days to do so. You must take into account the sociolinguistic reality of the school. The Department of Education will validate this new plan and will be the one that will assume legal responsibility. The Prosecutor's Office warned the directors that they could incur criminal liability if they did not apply the ruling of the TSJC. The objective of the decree, said the Government, is to respond to the sentence and at the same time protect the centers from "interference by the courts" and also protect Catalan, which remains the only vehicular language in Catalonia.

The Government complies with the part of the sentence that requires it to issue clear instructions to the centers, but instead the decree explicitly states that it is not possible to set percentages in education as required by justice. The central part of the ruling remains up in the air and we will have to see what the judge says. “The organization of teaching and the use of languages ​​in educational centers is based on the non-application of numerical parameters, proportions or percentages”, states the standard.

The decree has the endorsement of ERC and Junts and possibly of the commons, when it reaches the Parliament. The socialists, on the other hand, believe that "it does not comply" with the ruling of the TSJC and represents a "challenge to the courts." Junts welcomed the rule that puts into practice, in his opinion, the policy of "confrontation against unfair judicial decisions." PP and Vox study challenging the decree to the Constitutional. Ciudadanos announced that it will take it to the Council of Statutory Guarantees, where the new Catalan law is also found, supported by the PSC, ERC, Junts and the commons, and that the Government wanted to use as a guarantee that it complies with the sentence. But it could not approve it on time, unless it is urgently done today.

Joy's Notice

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, stated that it is the TSJC "who has to determine" now if this decree gives a "correct, timely or correct response", to comply with the sentence. In the Government they trust that this is the case. The platforms that advocate bilingualism, promoters of the resources that have led to the sentences that question immersion, warn that they will "denounce" the Government for "disobedience and asking for immediate execution measures."

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