August 6, 2020

The Government refuses to give the list of registrations of the Church to a senator claiming data protection

The list of the unregistered assets of the Church in Spain it is a secret at the moment. Taking advantage of a change of regulations during the government of Aznar, the religious were able to put on their name thousands of buildings with a few lax requirements and justifying the historical use of the buildings. Thus they managed, for example, to put the Mosque of Cordoba in their name.

The Socialist Party in the Congress has formally requested the Government a list exhaustive of which are the buildings that were put in the name of the Church using this method, a work that is being carried out by the Ministry of Justice and that is completed.

However, at the moment it is not made public. According to an answer to the Senator of Compromís Carles Mulet to which Europa Press has had access: "Considering that the cadastral ownership of the real estate constitutes a protected data as established in article 51 of the rewritten text of the Real Estate Cadastre Law (TRLCI) ), the delivery of the documentation requested in this case would not proceed in order to preserve the data protection regime established in the cadastral regulations ".

That is to say, it is not provided because it considers that it is protected information, although it will be provided to the PSOE in the Congress, so it will end up being public, and it will deal with the Church in the meetings planned to unblock this issue. In fact, ecclesial sources are open to negotiation and to stay with buildings dedicated to the liturgy, returning those that are dedicated to other purposes, from homes to local. also tried to know that list, without success, through the Portal of Transparency. According to the response of Justice, is not going to deliver because it is part of an order of Congress, just the one that has made the socialist group.


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