The Government recovers the national prizes of science but cuts its amount | Science

The Government recovers the national prizes of science but cuts its amount | Science

The Government of Pedro Sánchez has decided to recover the national research awards that had not been granted since 2014, although budgetary restrictions have forced to significantly reduce the amount dedicated to each award.

After his arrival in power at the end of 2011, Mariano Rajoy froze the awarding of these awards. He only recovered them in 2014 and only for one year. Since then, the prizes that recognize the work of the best scientists in each discipline have never been convened or delivered, despite the fact that the scientific community has been denouncing their neglect for some time.

The Government plans to publish tomorrow the new call for these recognitions. Will be in principle five this year and five the next and its amount will go from 100,000 euros each to 30,000, a money to be taken from the budget of 2018, according to sources from the Ministry of Science Matter.

The first five awards to be announced this year are the Blas Cabrera, physical sciences, materials and land, Enrique Moles, chemistry, Alejandro Malaspina, Natural Resources, Julio Rey Pastor, mathematics and technologies of information and Juan de la Cierva, in the area of ​​Technology Transfer. The total amount of the game will be 150,000 euros. The Executive expects to raise the allocation for these awards next year.

The call is expected to be published tomorrow in the Official State Gazette and applications may be submitted until November 23. The candidates must be presented by five prestigious researchers or proposed by universities, public research organizations, real academies of the Institute of Spain, scientific societies and professional associations and public or private R & D centers without profit.


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