The Government reaches the halfway point of the year with more than 80% of the European funds to be executed

The "cruising speed" announced by the First Vice President of the Government, Nadia Calviño, in the execution of European funds for this year does not seem to be sufficient to meet the ambitious objectives set out in the 2022 Budgets. the Government has only been able to allocate 4,754 million euros of the 28,273 provided for in the Budgets, less than 17% of the total. All in all, June was the best month of the year in terms of execution with an amount of 1,645 million euros. If the rate of execution of June funds were maintained during the rest of the year, the Government would be able to carry out just over half of the investments foreseen in the Budgets and would leave an amount close to 15,000 million to be executed. MORE INFORMATION The Government converts European funds into a legion of mini-projects Official data from the General State Intervention at the end of June reveal that in the first half of the year the Ministry of Finance has authorized the application (a mere administrative procedure that unlocks the use of the budget credit, but does not guarantee its use) of 14,574 million euros, 51% of the funds painted in the Budgets; The use of 9,066 million has been committed, a third of the total funds; but only the aforementioned 4,574 million have been effectively applied. If we talk about cash outflows, that is, hard cash that has reached the recipients' pockets and, therefore, has had an impact on the economy, the figure drops to 2,620 million. Among the ministries that have more funds allocated for 2022, the levels of execution vary significantly. The one that has its most advanced tasks is the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, which has already allocated 1,786 million of the 6,275 that the Budget recognizes, 28.5%, in part because it is funds that are transferred to Adif for different programs and for the social housing construction plan. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has executed 850 million of the 4,665 assigned to it, 18%; although where the situation is worrying is the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which has only executed the 4% recognized by the Budget; and in the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Nadia Calviño, where execution does not even reach 3%.

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