The Government raise the contributions in contracts less than six days – The Province

The Government raise the contributions in contracts less than six days - The Province

The Government will approve this Friday inMinister councila 'macrodecrete', whichtoughens the price for short-term contracts, includes the rise in pensions, the 7% increase in the maximum contribution and the self-employed workers agreement, whereby the minimum contribution base for the self-employed will rise by 1.25% in 2019.

According to the draft of the Royal Decree to which Europa Press has had access, the need to fight against abuse in the celebration of temporary contracts of short durationrequires the adoption of "urgent" measures.

Thus, the Executive seeks to equate the social protection of workers who subscribe to this type of contract with those who have been able to sign a broader short-term work contract and, on the other hand, increase the contributions in these contracts as a deterrent to the employer .

For this reason, article 151 of theGeneral Law of Social Securitywith the aim of raising the increase in the price for the conclusion of this type of contract from the current 36% to 40%.

According to the draft, "this measure will have a positive impact on the income of the Social Security system, sinceit implies a greater collection,At the same time it can be disincentive for the employer to resort to this type of contract.

"This increase in income also justifies the adoption of this measure through aRoyal decree law, since the important deficit that maintains the system of the Social Security requires the approval of urgent means that increase the collection ", aims the text.

Also, this increase in the contribution is linked to an improvement in the social protection of these workers to apply a "temporary coefficient" to the days worked and quoted.

In order to accredit the contribution periods necessary to cause the right to retirement benefits, permanent disability, death and survival, temporary disability, maternity and paternity, temporary contracts whose effective duration is equal to or less than five days,Each work day will be considered as 1.4 days of quotation.

Likewise, the text indicates that this forecast will not be applicable in the cases of part-time contracts, part-time relief and fixed-discontinuous contracts ".


Despite this, he has made it clear that the idea is to "discourage this type of contract" of short duration. "This contract is used with some frequencyfrom Monday to Fridayand then the weekend for those workers. This is bad for workers, who will have less time quoted, but that trick is also bad enough for the system, "he said.

Also, as it advanced this Wednesday Cinco Días and ABC,the application of the system of reduction of contributions due to professional contingencies is suspendedto companies that have considerably reduced work-related accidents.

On the other hand, it includes the coverage of the contingency of unemployment in the contracts for training and learning subscribed with working students in public employment and training programs,including school workshop programs, craft houses and employment workshops,it will be applicable to the contracts that are subscribed as of the date of entry into force of this Royal Decree.


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