The Government raise 3.8 cents the disel for individuals - The Province

The Government raise 3.8 cents the disel for individuals - The Province

The Government has approved on Friday the referral to the Cortes of the draft Law of General State Budgets (PGE) for 2019, which contemplatesthe elimination of the diesel bonus for gasoline,which will mean an increase in the price of diesel fuel3.8 cents per literfor private consumers.

In the press conference after the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, said that the decision to abolish the diesel bonus will have an impact of three euros per month for the average consumer, which makes about 15,000 kilometers per year,which will mean about 36 euros a year.

"The measure has no impact on professional diesel, since transport professionals, including agricultural professionals, will be left out, "he said, while pointing out that the increase in revenue will be used to subsidize sustainable mobility policies, partly by renovating the car fleet and partly by encouraging companies to renew their fleets

The owner of the Treasury portfolio stressed that the Tax Agency has the capacity to identify when the fuel is used with professional character and pointed out that the singularities of each sector are being studied to make possible an information system that allows to discriminate when the company or the self-employed make more use of transport and ensure that the price is not made more expensive.

He also stressed that 30% of the revenue generated by this increase in the price of diesel, which will be accounted for in 2020, will be allocated tomeasures to promote sustainable mobility, something that he considered "fundamental" for the renovation of the Spanish automobile fleet and also to help companies in a transition policy that is "essential" to gain added value, improve competitiveness and to help the industry to be able to adapt to the new requirements and challenges of the 21st century.


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