Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

The Government questions that "PP and Citizens arrogate the right to preside over the Board"

The Government questions that "PP and Citizens arrogate the right to preside over the Board"

Government spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, has used the loudspeaker given by the press conference after the Council of Ministers to question that PP and Citizens intend to govern the Junta de Andalucía after the elections last Sunday. "It is difficult to understand that PP or Citizens assume the right to preside over the Board," he said. "It's amazing," he added.

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Celaá has remembered that the PSOE is the "clear winner" of the elections, for what it considers that it is Susana Díaz who is "legitimated" to form a Government in Andalusia. However, he has acknowledged that none of the parties that came to the elections the 2D has achieved a sufficient majority to govern alone.

The government is launched with all the artillery for Pablo Casado and Albert Rivera whom he accuses of "whitewashing" the extreme right of Vox. "It has been a surprise - Celaá has said about the strong irruption of the Santiago Abascal party - but the surprise would be even greater if PP and Ciudadanos pretended to seek their support."

In addition, the spokesperson recalled that Spain has been the "last country to suffer the far right" in institutions, but has warned that it may be the "first" in which the right is supported by an extreme right wing come to power. The message has been transferred by Pedro Sanchez in recent days to remember that other countries, such as Germany or France, isolate the far right.

"The emergence of the extreme right and its proposals are a clear threat to our country in terms of social policies," Celaá has warned, which has called for "a solution to the governability of Andalusia" to prevent "this community from becoming in the cradle of the extreme right ".


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