The Government publishes the order that extends electricity tolls in 2021



He State official newsletter (BOE) has published this Tuesday the order of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge By which the electricity access tolls, the fixed part of the electricity bill, will be extended as of January 1, 2021.

Thus, tolls will remain in place at the beginning of 2021 until April 1, the date on which the new receipt structure designed by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) which represents a reversal of the current structure and introduces hourly discrimination in all tolls and involves a revision and simplification of time periods.

«Given the eminently transitory nature of what is established in this order in relation to access tolls, and since they will foreseeably cease to apply on April 1, 2021, it has been decided to extend the tolls established in the Order TEC / 1258/2019, of December 20, “says the order.

This extension, as happened last year, incorporates both the tolls themselves, in the hands of the CNMC after the Royal Decree of 2019 that returned to the body control over the configuration of domestic bills and reduced the political influence of the Executive and amounted to about 7,000 million euros, such as charges – destined to pay to renewables, electricity debt or the extrapeninsular ones-, on which the Government decides.

However, the year 2021 may mean an even greater change in the electricity bill if the Government’s proposal to approve the National Fund for the Sustainability of the Electrical System (FNSSE).

Through this fund, which the Executive expects to be approved for the second half of the year, those costs associated with electricity would no longer be part of the electricity bill. specific remuneration scheme for renewables, cogeneration and waste -about 7,000 million euros-, eminently fixed, which would be paid for by the contributions of all energy supply companies (electricity, gas and oil traders), with the aim of reducing the domestic bill by at least 13% in five years thanks to decrease in charges.

In the specific case of tolls, last July, the CNMC already approved the modification of the circular establishing the methodology for their calculation, which was extended by five months, until April 1, 2021 , the transitional period that the electricity distribution and commercialization companies to adapt to the new tolls.

Initially, the last November 1, 2020, had been established as the deadline for electricity distribution and commercialization companies to adapt the measurement equipment, billing systems and contracts to the new regulation.

The Government began processing a project for Royal decree which regulates the methodology for calculating charges for the electricity system, which was submitted for public consultation last July, and although it is in its final stages of processing, it has not yet been approved.

Thus, in April 2021 the methodology for calculating electricity charges must come into force simultaneously with that of transportation and distribution tolls approved by the CNMC.

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In the order published in the BOE, the cabinet led by Teresa Ribera establishes some items to guarantee the functioning and balance of the electric system, such as 2,440.56 million euros to satisfy the electricity system collection rights pending during the next fiscal year, or 760.47 million euros of the compensation of the extra cost of the production activity in non-peninsular territories charged to the electricity system .

A remuneration is also collected in 2021 for the Polo Español del Iberian Market Operator (OMI) of 13,123 million euros, which may be increased by a maximum of 2,537 million euros due to the costs incurred by the market operator arising from the development, start-up, operation and management project of the joint platform trading for a European intraday market (SIDC).

Meanwhile, it is established that, as of the entry into force of the order, the electric power producers that act in the area of ​​the Iberian electricity market will pay the operator for each of the installations of net or installed power, in the case of installations of renewable technologies, cogeneration and waste, greater than one megawatt (MW), a fixed monthly amount of 9.37 euros / MW of available power.

For their part, the marketers and direct consumers who participate in the market will pay 0.02657 euros per MWh that appears in the last final schedule of each hour.

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