February 28, 2021

The Government promotes a plan to meet the fifty men who live on the street

The General Directorate of Child and Adolescent Care (DGAIA) of the Generalitat announced on Tuesday the implementation of a shock plan to meet the fifty or so unaccompanied foreign minors (menas) living in the streets of Barcelona .

The DGAIA has recognized that the number of menas living on the streets of the Catalan capital has increased in recent weeks, from thirty to fifty, to which young people and adults are added, some of them extuted by the Catalan administration.

The DGAIA has announced the plan of shock that includes "reformulating" the system of attention to these minors, after yesterday the heads of the parish of Santa Anna de Barcelona, ​​which serves the homeless, denounce the situation of these adolescents, many of whom have mental health problems or are addicted to sniffing glue.

The heads of the parish, where some of these children sleep during the day, also denounced the "short-term" social policies of the administrations, while today the Síndic de Greuges, Rafael Ribó, has urged the Generalitat and the city council to implement measures to meet the menas who live on the street.

As reported by the DGAIA, the objective of this shock plan is to "organize the circuits and coordinate all the public resources of the network of attention to vulnerable people to better attend the cases of more complex minors, whether it is a young migrated alone or if not".

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