The Government presents some PGE with 12,600 million more social spending - The Province

The Government presents some PGE with 12,600 million more social spending - The Province

Follow the press conference of the presentation of budgets:

The consolidated budget of expenses will amount to 472,660 million euros in 2019, which represents an increase of 5.1% compared to the 2018 accounts, according to the draft law of theState's general budgetsfor 2019, which includes non-financial operations of 345,358 million euros, 73.1% of the total consolidated budget and 5.3% more compared to the previous year.

Current transfers, on the other hand, is the chapter with the highest endowment, with an amount of 261,961 million euros, which represents 55.4% of consolidated expenses, 5.4% more than a year before. If capital transfers, amounting to 9,735 million (+ 3.3%), are added to this amount, 57.5% of the consolidated budget is allocated to other agents, public and private, of the economy.

Among the main items, spending on pensions increased by 6.2%, while funds for access to housing will grow by 41% in 2019. Faced with this, the Government seeks to cut spending under the heading of 'Management and Administration of the Social Security '-82% as well as the funds for the promotion of employment, with -36%.

On the revenue side, these will reach 324,713 million euros, which represents an increase of 7.9% over the previous budget. The collection of direct taxes (IRPF and Societies fundamentally) and social contributions will grow by 6.5%, to 223,614 million.

Of this total, 126,810 million euros, 9.6% more, will correspond to taxes, while social contributions will be collected 151,430 million euros, 7% more than this year.

This is the breakdown by spending policies of theState's general budgets2019:

According to public accounts designed by the Government for 2019, Social Security will have a budget of 153,864 million euros this year, 6.2% more than in 2018.

The housing policy will have a budget of 679 million euros in the year 2019, 41% more than the amount contemplated for 2018, which amounted to 481 million euros, according to the draft General State Budgets (PGE) for this year.

The Government will allocate 908 million euros this year to policies of Commerce, Tourism and SMEs, which represents an increase of 1.3%, compared to 896 million euros the previous year.

On the other hand, it has kept the budget stable in agricultural and fishing policies after allocating 7.761 million euros in 2019 to the agriculture, fishing and food policy, which is 0.2% more, according to the draft General Budgets of the State (PGE) for 2019.

The budget of the Ministry of Defense for 2019 grows 1.6 percent over the previous year, standing above the 8,500 million euros.

The PGE project for 2019 contemplates a 2,722 million euro education budget, which represents an increase of 5.9% compared to last year, reaching the highest figure of the last seven years, although it is still far from the record registered in educational investment of 2010, when 3,092 million euros were allocated.

The total of the economic endowment foreseen by the Government for health policies for the year 2019 amounts to 4,292 million euros, which represents, with respect to the previous year, an increase of 0.9 percent (39 million euros).


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