The Government plans to equalize paternity and maternity leave (16 weeks)

The Government plans to equalize paternity and maternity leave (16 weeks)



The budgets of 2019 will raise paternity leave to 16 non-transferable weeks, to equal it to that of maternity, as confirmed today by the Minister of Labor, Migrations and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio.

In an interview with Cadena Ser, Valerio explained that the Government wants to match the paternity leave, which is now 5 weeks, to maternity leave. so that «co-responsibility exists» and help companies "be clear" that both will exercise their rights for the birth of a child equally.

It is one more step for «Remove obstacles so that there is real equality access to the world of work "and reduce the gap of" more than eleven points "between the activity rate of women and men, according to the minister. He did not want to point out a possible date of application, since this measure must still be approved in Parliament.

Another measure that the Government seeks to promote equality is, as has been said, to promote Free of charge for schools for children between zero and three years old. "Any serious measure has to be accompanied by an economic report," Valerio explained about financing the initiative to equalize permits.

Regarding the registration of the "alleged" sex workers union, he explained that you can try the cancellation by trade, but "legally it is very complicated", reason why "it is more interesting to go to the National Audience to challenge the statutes".

During the interview Valerio also referred to pensions, which the Government wants to raise the same as the real CPI, and has pointed out that «The creation of special taxes will have to be studied» to complete its long-term financing via general budgets.


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