The Government plans to approve the Housing Law on October 26

The Government already has a date to approve the new Housing Law. He plans to do it next Tuesday, October 26, as the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, assured on TVE.

Only Greeks and Romanians spend more salary than Spaniards to pay rent in the EU

Only Greeks and Romanians spend more salary than Spaniards to pay rent in the EU

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“I calculate that on October 26 we will be able to take it. It is necessary to outline issues but that is our objective,” he assured.

A law agreed last week by the coalition government of PSOE and United We Can, but where the fine print and details of how this new legislation will be developed, which, foreseeably, will be processed in Congress and the Senate remains to be written. throughout the next year.

Some deadlines that have motivated the advancement of some measures, such as cutting the bonuses for large landlords, which is lowered from 85% to 40% and will not go, finally, in the Housing Law, but in the General State Budgets of the next year.

Rent voucher for 70,000 young people

Minister Sánchez has indicated that the budgets, with 3,200 million euros, are the most ambitious in terms of housing and that she will prioritize social rent.

“We calculate that with what we have consigned in this budget, plus the forecasts that we have committed and executed with the State Housing Plan, we will be around 20,000 homes that we will be able to place on the market during 2022,” he indicated. “It is part of an ambition that goes much further, the State Plan placed that figure at 100,000 homes and we are on the way to achieving it. Those that we promote, about 20,000, especially affordable rent,” he clarified.

Regarding the rental voucher for young people, of 250 euros per month for two years – for those under 35 with incomes of less than 24,000 euros, approximately – there are already estimates as to its scope. “We estimate that around 70,000 young people will benefit,” Sánchez assured. “We articulate other measures in the State Housing Plan, which will complement those 250 euros; because there are young people who do not benefit from this direct subsidy but from the State Plan. We could reach 100,000 young people with full aid.”

Regarding whether it is an inflationary measure, he has not gone into that detail. “There is no need to look at housing policy from a single perspective. One of the issues it regulates is the different mechanisms to stop abusive rent increases. We will have a mechanism that will help us contain the increases and, on the other hand, we help young people to be able to emancipate themselves “.


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