The Government opens the request for discounts for young people to travel this electoral summer

The Government opens the request for discounts for young people to travel this electoral summer

Almost a month after the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced at a PSOE rally the discount for young people to travel this summer, the Ministry of Transport has launched the process by which those between 18 and 30 years of age request this reduction of up to 90% to use bus, train or interrail (rail travel through Europe) can request it through the internet.

The most electoral summer in history, with the anticipated general elections after the unexpected dissolution of the Cortes announced by Sánchez after knowing the results of the municipal elections on May 28, will also be the summer period in which the use of public transport will be more cheap for the youth group.

From the Ministry of Transport they point out that the registration must be carried out at least 24 hours before acquiring the first ticket and the titles can be purchased as soon as the companies finalize the necessary technological changes.

To benefit from the measure, young people from Spain or from a European Union country with legal residence in Spain, born between 1993 and 2005, must register using the form on the Mitma website (https://veranojoven.mitma.gob .es/) to confirm that they meet the requirements and, where appropriate, obtain the personal and non-transferable code that they must use to purchase the Interrail pass and the discounted train and bus tickets on the websites of the respective operators.

Those interested may register through qualified electronic certificates, such as the Cl@ve system, or by entering the name and surname (as stated on the DNI or NIE), the date of birth and the DNI number, together with the date of validity, or of the NIE, together with the support number of the Citizen Registry of the European Union and the nationality. The code, made up of the DNI or NIE number and a set of characters, will be sent to the mobile phone or by email. The code is valid for the entire period and all means of transport included.

The bonuses will be applied to the price of single or return tickets that have a date for travel between June 15 and September 15, 2023. Renfe Viajeros will apply a 50% discount on the commercial price for Interrail Passes (Interrail Global Flexible of 10 days in 2 months) that are purchased through its website.

A 90% discount will also be applied on the price of the single ticket and the return ticket in medium-distance passenger rail transport services, including proximity services, provided on the conventional network and the metric gauge network. . In addition, Renfe will apply a 50% discount on the price of single tickets and return tickets for Avant services. On the other hand, a 90% discount will be applied for regular bus services of state competition.

The resolutions of the Ministry include a series of conditions to avoid the inappropriate use of discounted tickets, including the possibility of sanctions. Thus, the Ministry may proceed to withdraw the Registration Code from beneficiaries who accumulate more than six detected misuses, whether in rail or road transport.

For this, the Ministry will prepare a register with the tickets used improperly, identifying the beneficiary and, once the six uses have been reached, it will be able to notify the offending person of the withdrawal of the Code via SMS or email. You will be able to register again to benefit from this measure.