The Government opens on Monday the accession of companies to the cultural bonus

Young people in a bookstore in Granada specializing in comics. / A. Aguilar

There are 400 euros that young people who turn 18 throughout 2022 can spend on movies, books, concerts or the press, among other cultural products


The Ministry of Culture and Sports will open next Monday, July 18, the process for companies and cultural entities to adhere to the Youth Cultural Bonus program. This was announced by Minister Miquel Iceta in the letters he sent this morning to the regional councilors of Culture, Government delegates, the president of the FEMP (Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces) and the main associations in the sector.

From Monday, companies and cultural entities will be able to register for the Youth Cultural Voucher. The adherence of suppliers of cultural products and services is an essential step so that young people from all over Spain can make use of the bonus, wherever they are, when it is activated.

For the program to be a success and for the 210 million euros earmarked for it to effectively reach the cultural sectors, spread throughout the territory, it is essential that entities and companies in the cultural sector throughout Spain apply for their membership. The Youth Cultural Voucher will work exclusively in those companies, shops and cultural entities that have previously applied to join the program.

The aid is divided into three blocks: 200 euros for concerts, theater or cinema, 100 for physical products (records, books...) and another 100 for internet products (ebooks, platforms, digital press...)

The entire cultural fabric of our country, both public and private, is invited to join: theaters, festivals, movie theaters, museums, bookstores, music stores, publishers, newspapers... The bullfights, sporting events, school books Textbooks, musical instruments, or software and hardware are not included. The aid is divided into three blocks: 200 euros for face-to-face activities (concerts, cinema, museums, theater, opera and other performing arts), 100 euros for physical products (records, books, video games, magazines and paper newspapers...) , another 100 for internet products (ebooks, audiobooks, platforms, digital press...).

After the opening of the process of joining the cultural industry, it is expected that "in a few weeks" (that is, at the end of July or already in September) the program will be launched, so that young people who turn 18 at the Throughout 2022 they can begin to benefit from the 400 euro bonus destined to invest solely and exclusively in culture.

The objective is that the entry into adulthood is accompanied by an impulse to enjoy and discover cultural activities, and thus consolidate citizens who incorporate culture as one more habit in their adult lives.

It is estimated that some 500,000 young people from all over Spain will benefit from this measure, which, in addition, is a determined support from the Government of Spain to the cultural sector, especially damaged and affected by the pandemic and health measures.

Previous steps

Since the Royal Decree that regulates the Youth Cultural Bonus was published last March, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has been making progress in the technical needs to implement it.

Thus, last June, the Ministry of Culture and Sports resolved an essential procedure for the implementation of the program and selected Correos y Telégrafos as the financial entity of the Youth Cultural Voucher for its ability to be present throughout the territory and thus facilitate its implantation.

To register you need to be registered in an electronic identity system such as the Digital Certificate, the DNIe or [email protected] The registration and management of the bonus will be done through a website and an app for this purpose. Once the aid has been granted, a virtual prepaid card will be received that will be used through the smartphone.

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