Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

The Government opens 370 hotels to serve essential workers and carriers

Publish in the BOE an order to meet the needs of cleaning, rest and provisioning of these professionals

Workers and public servants who maintain their professional activities during this crisis by performing essential services will have hotel accommodations at their disposal if they need to use them during the performance of their work. This has been arranged by the Government through an order issued by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda that has been published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), effective as of today and affecting 370 hotels, hostels, camping sites, caravan parks and other overnight establishments throughout the entire national geography, which will provide their services to workers who carry out fundamental tasks, such as the State security forces and bodies, health personnel and passenger and freight carriers, among others .

A solution is thus given to one of the claims made by the transporter associations -CTEM, Fenadismer or Fetransa-, who had denounced the serious problems that their professionals were suffering in the transit of their routes due to the lack of rest, cleanliness and provisioning. According to the new provision, all the professionals responsible for guaranteeing the supply of necessary goods and services may benefit from these services; merchandise transports; delivery of parcels, food supply and supply of electrical energy, petroleum products and natural gas. Also included are technicians who perform maintenance; healthcare; repair and works; supply and transportation; staff of telecommunications operators and data processing centers; fire prevention and extinguishing personnel; workers in petrochemical plants or power or nuclear plants, and personnel linked to rescue activities and, of course, the State Security Forces and members of the Army.

Transport has also considered the possibility of opening the fan to special situations established in the state of alarm, especially designed for tourists who have been trapped by confinement and who have not been able to return to their countries of origin, people dedicated to the care of the elderly. , minors, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people or those with health care needs, and situations that due to force majeure or a situation of need require urgent punctual accommodation.

The list of establishments, which follow the protection instructions indicated by the Ministry of Health to avoid contagion situations, may be expanded, modified, revised or updated depending on the needs and when necessary. The centers that are not on the list will not be considered essential and are not obliged to open, but if necessary they can also accommodate people who meet the conditions of the previous list. In addition, the order establishes that all these establishments, whether or not they are included in the list, not only provide accommodation, but also catering services and any other that may be necessary. Access to cleaning and catering facilities and services is also allowed for professional merchandise transporters, even if they are not accommodated.


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