The Government of the Canary Islands launches the single registry and the website to process aid for those affected by the La Palma volcano

The Vice-counselor of the Presidency of the Canary Islands Government, Antonio Olivera, and the Director of Modernization and Quality of Services, Alicia Álvarez, presented this morning, at the Casa de Salazar in Santa Cruz de La Palma, the single registration and the website that will facilitate the delivery of the aid as much as possible corresponding to those affected by the volcano of Old Summit and they will provide all the necessary information about the emergency.

In coordination with the central government, the Cabildo de La Palma and the municipalities affected by the eruptive event, the regional executive launches the website so that both the victims and the media and any other citizen can access all the necessary information on the emergency situation and available aid.

Olivera stressed that the single record that started working precisely this morning It is key to speed up the arrival of the aid to which those affected by the laundry are entitled and follows the line of the decree law approved by the Government of the Canary Islands in favor of maximum speed and rigor within the current regulations.

The affected You can register from today by appointment (telephone 012) at the single office located in Casa Massieu, in Los Llanos de Aridane, through the internet or through other official records. Until today, a total of 290 people had already made an appointment (it is expected to attend an average of a hundred affected per day in the Los Llanos office).

In addition, the information collected in the previous weeks by social workers on the housing needs of those affected by the eruption in the Aridane Valley will be used. These professionals have been studying the cases of some 250 affected homeowners, which are the ones who have approached the aforementioned office. These files are already quite advanced, thanks to the work done by the social workers, and those people would only have to contribute to close such requests would be their checking account number and signature.

As it is intended to make a weekly closing and resolution with those registered on the night of every Tuesday, Olivera calculates that in this first week between 700 and 900 people can registerAlthough he insists that they will do everything possible to make that number even higher.

The deputy counselor clarified that priority will be given to the most affected people and with clear indications of greater affection by the volcano, although he recalled that the emergency continues and that only at the end of the eruption will it be possible to have an exact number of victims. For that reason, the registry will remain open six months after the conclusion of the eruptive process.

Alicia Sánchez and Antonio Olivera, today, in the presentation of the single registry and the website to process aid for those affected by the La Palma volcano.jpg LP / DLP

Olivera considers it essential to make a special effort during the first month from the opening of this unique registry and website to facilitate direct registration and then receive aid ex officio; In other words, the different ministries or administrations take their resolutions without further disturbing the people who have requested public support because all the information on these is already available.

The main objective is that those affected are well registered as soon as possible, that the requirements and information requested are the minimum possible and that, after giving their consent, public administrations access the necessary data without requesting them again from the resolution of the single record.

In record and unprecedented time

Alicia Álvarez highlighted the advantages of a website that, like the single registry, has been created without precedent in an emergency such as that of this eruption, in record time and after the effort of the staff of the Modernization area and other areas of the Government of Canary Islands. This website intends to serve as a link or bulletin board for all the useful information for those affected and for anyone who requires it, always with the aim of providing maximum agility and unification of documents and records.

The website is divided into two blocks and has 9 tabs. In one part the emergency situation is detailed, the news and recommendations to the public are brought together and, in the other, the single registry and all the data on aid and administrations are included.

During the press conference, a video was shown to demonstrate the agility and ease of this digital tool, which makes it clear who can register and how.


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