The Government of the Canary Islands gives hope to La Palma and says that “the first signs of reconstruction have begun”

Pedro Sánchez aboard the La Armada barge in La Palma.

Pedro Sánchez aboard the La Armada barge in La Palma.
Fernando Calvo | Efe

The Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Security of the Canary Islands Government, Julio Pérez, has affirmed this Friday that the Executive and all the institutions involved in the volcanic eruption have the challenge of “transmitting hope” and in that sense, it has indicated that “The first signs of reconstruction have begun.”

In a joint press conference with the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, and the president of Cabildo of La Palma, Mariano Hernandez, has pointed out that it is “stimulating” to see the “closeness” of the president and the entire Government and although “everything can be improved” he has said that “a path” that will lead to the reconstruction of the affected areas has already begun.

Pérez has valued “the integrity of the population” of the island because “it has not been decomposed or undone” and he maintains the hope that “that wound” opened in Cumbre Vieja “will heal.”

Likewise, he has indicated that there are other signs that drive the “commitment” to the island such as “unity” of the administrations and the solidarity of “all of Spain” that “forces even more” to respond with “efficiency and speed”.

In that sense, he has commented that The urban legislation has been modified with a decree law to install prefabricated houses, The works of the new coastal road have begun and another decree law has been approved to speed up the payment of aid to farmers. “The desire is to convey hope and it will only be done if we are effective,” he said.

The president of the Cabildo de La Palma, Mariano Hernández, has said that Sánchez’s seventh visit to the island shows that she is not alone and has ” the support of all the administrations “after 60 days in which the eruption” has taken 7,000 people from their homes. ”

He said that he feels “proud” to be the president of the palmeros for his “sacrifice, tenacity and ability to excel” and has given “thanks in capital letters” for all the solidarity received from all corners of Spain.

Almost one million euros distributed in donations

Hernández has once again stressed the “unity of action” of all administrations, which have focused on people “from minute one”, guaranteeing hotel accommodation and handing over the first homes, which “begins to give certain certainties “that the situation can be” turned around “.

He commented that “the first blow” of the eruption has been sustained with emergency aid, in the case of the Cabildo, with more than 7 million collected in donations, of which almost a million have been distributed, thanks mainly to the single registry authorized by the Government of the Canary Islands, and 600 free bus vouchers have been given.

At the time of taking stock, the president has underlined the start-up of portable desalination plants in just three weeks when it may take time and now set as a “priority” the delivery of houses, the new access road to the coast and the planning territorial “to give certainty” to the inhabitants that what was lost can be rebuilt.

In the tourist field, he has commented that “the island is safe” to be visited and connectivity has not been lost.

“Life continues on the island, we want to continue living and working,” he added, also highlighting the implementation of tourist vouchers, promotional strategies and incentives to attract flights.

The “great example of La Palma trees”

Hernández has commented that the palmeros “have set a great example to the world” and therefore has promised to be “faster and more efficient” in making decisions.

“For that we give the best of ourselves, the future will not be easy, there are historical challenges but the eruption will mean a before and after for the island and I am convinced that we will be able to take advantage of this opportunity,” he explained.


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