The Government of Sanchez avoids sitting with Madrid since June 'giving long' to Garrido and three of his counselors

The Government of Sanchez avoids sitting with Madrid since June 'giving long' to Garrido and three of his counselors

The Government of Pedro Sanchez has avoided since he arrived at the Moncloa to sit down with the president of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Garrido, and with three of his regional councilors – Transport, Justice, and Social Policies – who have requested meetings to treat both the general issues of autonomy and more specific problems.

After the motion of censure against former President Mariano Rajoy, Garrido contacted Sanchez, by telephone, with whom he maintains a good personal relationship after having met as councilors in the City Council. In the conversation, apart from congratulating him institutionally on the appointment, both were in "shortly".

And is that Garrido did not want anything to change with the new Executive and that he had "sensitivity to the needs" of the region. But, the truth is that no appointment has yet been made with the Madrid president, who publicly already claims that "there are many issues that are on the table that are not worthy of delay" in the Community and that his counterpart has been received in Catalonia, Quim Torra, to "hear about independence movement".

But, the Madrilenian leader has not been the only one who has not received a date for the appointment. In full controversy over the arrival of unaccompanied foreign minors to the Community, which from the Executive branded as "massive" and attributed to the "effect called" caused by the ship Aquarius that Sánchez accepted to host, the Minister of Social Policies and Family, Lola Moreno, has not managed to meet with the Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo.

Moreno asked by email on two occasions in September to have a meeting with both the current minister and her predecessor Carmen Montón. These requests have not received a response.

In addition, from its Ministry has also been asked to hold a meeting on this issue with the Ministry of Labor and Migration. At first they were told that the owner, Magdalena Valerio, had a very complicated agenda. For this reason, at the beginning of October the appointment of the Secretary of State for Migration was again requested.

Likewise, the counselors of Transport, Infrastructure and Housing, Rosalía Gonzalo, and Justice Minister Yolanda Ibarrola have run. The first rushed to ask the owner of Development, José Luis Ábalos, days after his appointment appointment. The Community wanted to address in a hurry, among many other issues, the fulfillment of the Neighborhood Plan in Madrid and the new variant of the A-1.

But, the minister sent it by means of a letter, to which Europa Press has had access, in which it indicated to him that "it had intention to meet with the presidents of the independent communities" and that from his Cabinet they would put in contact with Garrido to arrange the date of a meeting. As of today, this meeting has not yet been fixed.

For his part, Ibarrola asked by letter to the Minister, Dolores Delgado, to receive it "as soon as possible" in accordance with "the availability" of his agenda, to talk about all those matters that were pending, mainly the judicial offices delegated in penitentiary centers.

To this request the Ministry responded, giving by email a negative response, on September 20, stating that for "agenda reasons" they passed their request to the Secretary of State.


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