The government of Panama will close for 3 days to help urban mobility in JMJ

The government of Panama will close for 3 days to help urban mobility in JMJ

The National Government announced today the three-day closure of public offices in Panama City to help the mobility of the more than 500,000 pilgrims expected to attend the World Youth Day (WYD), which will be held from April 22 to January 27 in the Panamanian capital.

The Panamanian Minister of the Presidency, Jorge González, told reporters that this closure of public institutions will be applied from 12.00 local time (17.00 GMT) on January 23 until 16.00 local time (21.00 GMT) on January 25.

This event, which is expected to attend approximately 500,000 pilgrims called by Pope Francis, is, according to Gonzalez, "an opportunity for all of Panama to improve their capabilities, which will surely mark a before and after in the implementation of practice of actions related to the coordination of events of great impact in and for the country. "

González, in a press conference in which details of the mobility logistics that will be developed during the visit of Pope Francis for WYD were offered, indicated that the suspension of work in the public offices will also be effective in the district of San Miguelito , east of the capital.

Even Minister González said that public officials will join as volunteers in any scenario in which their collaboration is required "for the image of the country."

The closure of the entities is aimed at reducing vehicle traffic during WYD and is part of the urban mobility plan that will be executed for this religious event.

The plan includes a "combination of integrated efforts" of the public transport system, made up of the Panama Metro and Mi Bus, the corridors (fast highways), and which include the Tocumen International Airport, the country's main airport.

The Panamanian deputy security minister, Omar Pinzón, stressed that the plan is the result of the planning and coordination of the Executive Support Directorate for more than one year and seven months, in conjunction with the National Police (PN), the Metro de Panama, Mi Bus and the Transit and Land Transportation Authority (ATTT).

Pinzón pointed out that the Pope will move through 23 points of the capital "in which an urban mobilization plan will be imposed to facilitate the displacement of all."

"The work started from the moment that our country was designated as the venue for this important event, in which three axes of work were created: safety, logistics, and health and emergencies, which to date have resulted 54 plans duly integrated and synchronized, "said Pinzón.

The Interagency Joint Task Force (FTC-IA) will manage the entire logistics and security operation during the mass religious event.

The mobility plan will include, among several measures, lane reversal, traffic regulations, mass transportation mobilization, freight and supply transport, pedestrian routes, which seek to facilitate viability during WYD.

The routes with reduced vehicular mobility will be centered on the Santa María La Antigua Field, which will be located on the Coastal Strip; Field San Juan Pablo II in Metro Park, located in the periphery this of the capital, and in the Park of the Youth, located in Park Omar, in the center of City of Panama.

The bus service of the company Mi Bus will operate 24 hours, while Line 1 of the Panama Metro will operate with all its stations to serve users and pilgrims at WYD, while lines 1 and 2 of the suburban will increase their hours of service. service on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27.

The use of Line 2 will be free. Also the North, South and East corridors peak activities days such as 23, 26 and 27 January, as will My Bus on 26 and 27.


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