The Government of Navarra reaches a budgetary pre-agreement with EH Bildu

The Government of Navarra, chaired by the socialist María Chivite, has reached a pre-agreement with the parliamentary group of EH Bildu so that this coalition does not present an amendment to the totality of the budget bill for 2020 and, on the contrary, facilitate the approval of it.

Specifically, the Government of Navarra reports in a statement, a series of specific commitments of “social nature” and “strengthening of public services” that will be developed by the political groups that support the Government (PSN, Geroa Bai, Podemos) and IE) and the parliamentary group of EH Bildu.

In the opinion of the Foral Government, “in a community as plural as Navarre, citizens demand their representatives the ability to dialogue and agree on proposals that will directly benefit society, in terms of higher levels of progress, strengthening services public, commitment to innovation, advance social and territorial cohesion, and equality between women and men ”.

"That finally there may be some budgets that face the challenges we have as a society is undoubtedly good news for each and every citizen of the Regional Community," added the Government of Navarra.


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