October 21, 2020

The Government of Maduro attributes new blackouts to two terrorist attacks

The Government of Maduro attributes new blackouts to two terrorist attacks

The government of Nicolás Maduro blamed today two new terrorist attacks both of the blackout that occurred this Saturday throughout Venezuela and of the one that occurred on Friday, in a week during which the country has not been able to recover the normal supply of energy.

"The Bolivarian Government (…) denounces the infamous and brutal perpetration of two programmed and synchronized attacks against the national electricity system," said Communication Minister Jorge Rodríguez, reading a statement released by the state television channel.

"In a non-fortuitous way there were new coordinated and synchronized attacks against the electric transmission lines, which occurred at the same time, 19.11 (23.11 GMT)," Rodriguez said, referring to the two electricity drops yesterday. and today's.

According to the minister, these supposed attacks seek to "obstruct in a criminal, homicidal way, the immense efforts of the revolutionary government, the workers, the entire people to stabilize the electric power service".

Venezuela has accumulated since Monday a series of blackouts that have paralyzed practically the entire country and have determined that only on Friday there was commercial and business activity.

The first two blackouts occurred on Monday and the system has not fully recovered since then, affecting the entire country, especially the western states.

The government attributed the blackouts to a first terrorist attack against a transmission line and a subsequent fire in the transformer yard of the Guri power plant, the country's main power plant. In the latter case, according to the official version, by shots of a sniper against the devices.

The minister said that these attacks are added to those already recorded on March 7, when the Chavista government said there had been a cybernetic attack and another electromagnetic attack against the Guri.

Rodriguez noted that the "atrocious aggressions of Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30" occurred just at the time when the Government had achieved the recovery of electricity throughout the country.

He assured that the Government of Maduro will persist "stubbornly" in the restoration of energy and will achieve the "repair and recovery of equipment savagely damaged by agents of the supremacist empire of the north (in reference to the United States) and its sad and genuflex local lackeys" .

"Homicides thirsty for hate, dark beings who boast of causing suffering to our people will pay for their crimes," warned the Minister of Communication, who also said that "we will defeat the electric war."

Nicolás Maduro announced on Wednesday, when the government began to restore service in several parts of the country, that days of rationing were coming to stabilize the system.

"We are going to spend days where we are going to have to go to a conscientious, organized cargo administration to stabilize the system until we rebuild everything they have burned," the Venezuelan president said after the blackouts on Monday.

The opposition has blamed these blackouts on corruption and the diversion of millionaire resources destined to the electricity sector in recent years, as well as the ineptitude of those responsible for the Government.


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