The Government of Maduro affirms that it advances in recovering the water supply

The Government of Maduro affirms that it advances in recovering the water supply

The Government of Nicolás Maduro affirmed on Sunday that it advances in the recovery of the water supply that has been interrupted in many parts of the country as a consequence of the successive blackouts that have affected Venezuela since last Monday.

"We are currently in the process of energizing protocols for the production of drinking water in the country, in order to gradually progress in the following hours, gradually restoring the service in the different areas," said Minister of Water Care, Evelyn Vasquez. .

The minister pointed out that due to the characteristics of the water channeling system, which must be pumped from low areas to higher levels, the perception of recovery of the service "is not immediate".

"We are working day and night to overcome this difficulty and restore service as soon as possible," he said.

He assured that the government team together with "the organized community" are deployed in response to the contingency plan, also having a care plan through cisterns to the places where they are needed.

He affirmed that the country continues "the process of recovery and stabilization of the electric service after this strong attack", he said when repeating the denunciation of the Government of Nicolás Maduro, who maintains that the blackouts that have been taking place since last March 7 are fruit of terrorist attacks.

For his part, the Health Minister, Carlos Alvarado, indicated to the state channel VTV that there have been "some difficulties" with the water supply in some hospitals that are being attended by the Executive within a contingency plan.

He said that critical areas of the hospitals such as emergency rooms, dialysis units and operating rooms have remained operational.

The government has denounced five acts of "sabotage" against the National Electric System (SEN), the last time last night when it assured that a "synchronized double attack" against the system was the cause of the power cuts on Friday and Saturday at the same hour.

Until now, the Chavez government has blamed the Venezuelan opposition and the US Administration for "attacking" the SEN with electromagnetic, mechanical, long-range rifle and fire methods.

The Venezuelan opposition, for its part, blames the government and the state-owned Corporación Eléctrica (Corpoelec) for the increase in these blackouts that began a decade ago and became frequent especially in regions far away from Caracas.


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