The Government of Chile sends its condolences to the family of a tourist who died in South Africa

The Government of Chile sends its condolences to the family of a tourist who died in South Africa

Santiago de Chile, Oct 21 (EFE) .- The Chilean government expressed its condolences to the family of Chilean tourist Slavko Yaksic Besoain, who was found dead in South Africa after several weeks disappeared in that country, sources informed today. official

"I want to express on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chileans, our condolences for the death of our compatriot Slavko Yaksic, we can imagine the pain of his family and we want to accompany them at this time," the Minister of Rexterior Relations, Roberto Ampuero, said in a message. .

Slavko Yaksic, 29, was wanted by the South African authorities and his family since September 24, but this Saturday his father, Sergio Yaksic, confirmed that his body was found in a morgue of the town of Ladysmith, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

This Sunday, the father of the young man told Efe in the African country that the body of his son, who was found on the 13th and transferred to the morgue, shows signs of violence.

"The body had a death date that is placed on September 28. Likewise, it showed signs of having been assaulted and had two sharp cuts in the solar plexus," the father said in a statement sent to Efe.

"They found his ID, his credit cards and belongings that show he was camping, his backpack, cell phone and passport were stolen," he added.

Sergio Yaksic will request on Monday "the return of the body and proceed to its cremation, to return to Johannesburg on Wednesday and make the registration of the death at the Consulate of Chile in Pretoria."

The young man's family was alarmed when he did not board the plane to return to Chile on October 10, as scheduled.

Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero also thanked "the recognition that his father has made to the accompaniment given by our consulate in Pretoria to the efforts he has had to make."

"As a foreign ministry we will continue working together with Slavko's father, to accompany him in his efforts," he said.

The father of the young man plans to return to Santiago on October 28.


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