Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

The Government of Bolivia says it does not plan to mobilize the military

The Government of Bolivia said Friday that it has no plans to mobilize the Armed Forces, after the riots of the Police in various parts of the country against the Executive of Evo Morales.

Bolivian Defense Minister Javier Zavaleta told the media in La Paz that President Evo Morales, who constitutionally is the captain general of the Armed Forces, gave orders so that the military does not take to the streets.

"No military will take to the streets of any city in the country," Zavaleta said.

The authority said there was a police riot in the city of Cochabamba and called "rumors" other uprisings in the rest of the country.

Zavaleta hoped that the general commander of the Bolivian Police, Yuri Calderón, would "reflect" on the uniformed rioters.

The head of Defense asked for calm to "not generate chaos" in the country, because "there will be no military operation at this time."

Citizen groups gather in front of police stations and military barracks in various regions, to ask the uniformed men to be next to the town.

The civic leader Luis Fernando Camacho, through Twitter, urged the military to "support the demand for mobilized citizenship."

Camacho has become the main opponent of Evo Morales, who demands that he resign for an alleged electoral fraud in his favor in the elections of October 20.

Police spokesmen in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Sucre, the constitutional capital of Bolivia, said they had revolted in protest against the government.

This situation occurs in the midst of the political and social crisis that Bolivia is going through since the elections.

Morales has called in recent days to his followers to defend the triumph that the electoral body gave him, describing as a coup attempt the allegations of fraud from the opposition and civic movements.

The detractors of the president, who has been in power for almost fourteen years, demand the resignation of Morales, the annulment of the elections and the convening of a new appointment with the polls.

At least three people died in clashes between like-minded and opposed to the president in riots since the day after the elections, in which there were 383 injured according to the Ombudsman of Bolivia.

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