The Government of Aragon initiates the campaign 'Your responsibility saves lives' to raise awareness of voluntary isolation

The Government of Aragon begins a campaign to raise awareness of voluntary isolation during the detection of positives for coronaviruses, contacts and PCR tests: when in doubt, isolate yourself.

This campaign is carried out with the aim of raising awareness among the population to isolate themselves in their homes when in doubt, the Minister of Health, Sira Repollés, also recalled yesterday that everyone who has been in contact with a positive person Even if you don't have a test, you have to confine yourself. It does not help us that "we are a close contact, they perform a PCR and we go on vacation. When there is a close contact you have to be confined for 15 days at your home. You are a potentially contagious person at the time you declare yourself Close contact requires confinement of your person. "


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