June 14, 2021

The Government now says that it is not clear if it will totally repeal the Lomce | Society

The Government now says that it is not clear if it will totally repeal the Lomce | Society

The Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, does not rule out that the educational reform that will raise the Lomce at the end of the year to the Council of Ministers (current educational law approved in 2013 by the PP), although she pointed out that it could affect "only some articles". Celaá has thus responded to the journalists asked for the content included in the preliminary bill, published yesterday on the Ministry's website, in which it is stated "Organic Law 8/2013 is repealed."

Since his appointment, Celaá has assured that his intention was to modify the "most damaging" aspects of the Lomce. In fact, in the first draft that the ministry shared with the educational community On November 9, in which the proposals to change the education regulations were considered, it was stated that the Lomce "can not be repealed in its entirety at this time", since "it would suppose to be without educational legislation".

The reform abolishes the so-called itineraries in third and fourth of the ESO; eliminates revalidations -Which are currently suspended-; includes Ethics as a compulsory subject – under the name of Education in Civic and Ethical Values ​​-; the call is eliminated social demand for access to concerted education; and Religion will no longer be a compulsory subject in 1st and 2nd year of Bachillerato. The marks obtained by the students who take the Catholic subject will not be computable to obtain the average grade of access to the University.

In addition, the subject of Philosophy gains weight, with subjects in both Baccalaureate courses and it is introduced in Primary and Secondary Education in Civic and Ethical Values.


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