July 6, 2020

The Government modifies the order and increases the capacity of the beaches – La Provincia

The government has modified this Wednesday the order on the use of beaches by deleting the reference to six meters to be counted from the shore at high tide, so the capacity will be calculated considering that the beach area to be occupied by each bather will be approximately four square meters.

After requests for review made by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), the government has modified point 46.5 of Order 440/2020 of the State official newsletter published last Saturday, May 23, regarding the use of the beaches, in which it was established that “for the calculation of the capacity of the beaches, the useful surface of the beach will be discounted, at least, a strip of six meters from the shore at high tide. “

As published in the BOE this Wednesday, the municipalities may establish limitations both access, which in any case will be free, and capacity on the beaches in order to ensure that the interpersonal distance of at least two meters between bathers is respected.

Likewise, in order to guarantee their enjoyment by as many people as possible in conditions of sanitary security, they may also establish limits on the time they stay there, as well as access to the car parks in order to facilitate control of capacity. from the beaches.

With the order, to calculate the maximum capacity allowed for each beach, it will be considered that the surface of Beach to be occupied by each bather It will be approximately four square meters.

The ICTE has expressed its satisfaction with this change, since, as it had revealed and transferred to the Government, if it were applied literally, it would make it impossible for a large number of the coastal beaches to be enjoyed by all the northern communities. of Spain since, due to the effect of the tides in the north of Spain -unlike those of the Mediterranean-, the high tide in many cases causes that at that precise moment the sandbanks of many of them practically disappear.

“Using this criterion as a reference would mean that in many of the beaches the capacity was equal to zero“The agency explained in a statement.


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