The Government maintains that the partial sale of AirEuropa does not affect the Canary Islands routes

Image of an AirEuropa company plane at the Lanzarote airport. / C7

Transport emphasizes that it permanently monitors connectivity to take the "timely actions" if necessary

Loreto Gutierrez

The state government sees no cause for concern in the entry of the IAG Group -to which Iberia belongs- into the shareholding of AirEuropa and rules out that actions under a monopoly regime are harming the
Canary Islands connectivity.

Given the concern generated by the
airfare increases between the islands and the peninsula, in parallel to the suspicion expressed by various political formations about possible
abusive practices of both companies, such as agreeing on high prices in times of high demand, the Ministry of Transport ensures that since the purchase of 20% of AirEuropa by IAG last August «
has not been observed that the AirEuropa routes between the Canary Islands and the peninsula have been affected.

In response to a question from CC deputy María Fernández, the State Executive recalls that the Globalia Group continues to be the majority shareholder of AirEuropa and therefore "AirEuropa and the airlines of the IAG Group are
independent companies that compete with each other». The Government also recalls that air transport is liberalized and it is the companies that freely set the rates.

Although it considers that up to now the impact of the partial business absorption on the connections that unite the islands and the rest of the state territory is non-existent, the department headed by Minister Raquel Sánchez assures that it is "fully aware" of the importance of air transport for him
economic development of the Canary Islands, for which reason it carries out "continuous work of observation, analysis and monitoring of the
connectivity conditions to, if necessary, take the appropriate actions.

Along the same lines, the Secretary of State for Transport, Isabel Pardo de Vera, spoke last week in the Senate, after acknowledging that the Ministry has detected
"excessive rises" Of the prices.

In response to the complaint by the ASG senator for La Gomera, Fabián Chinea, who explained that on the Christmas dates with the highest demand, Iberia and AirEuropa have
identical rates at the same time intervals, which points to a possible pact between supposedly competing companies that operate some routes" "in a monopoly", Pardo de Vera promised to study the situation in contact with the
National Competition Market Commission (CNMC) to check whether there have been abusive practices by companies.

The acquisition of 20% of the company AirEuropa by the IAG Group, which brings together Iberia, British Airways, Vueling and Aer Lingus, has given rise to new
parliamentary initiatives in Congress and the Senate that urge the state government to be vigilant, especially given the possibility that it is a first step towards
100% absorption and the total takeover, which would mean that the main connections with the peninsula remain in a monopoly regime.

In this sense goes the question that Senator Chinea has presented about the mechanisms available to the Government to stop the
unwarranted escalation of ticket prices and various CC initiatives in relation to the consequences of an eventual full takeover of AirEuropa and its effects on
the bonus of 75%which the nationalist formation considers that the state government would prefer to eliminate.