The Government looks for "flexible" formulas for later retirements without extending the legal age | Economy

The Government looks for "flexible" formulas for later retirements without extending the legal age | Economy

The Government has entered the debate on whether people who reach retirement age should retire or it is preferable that they continue working. Octavio Granado, Secretary of State for Social Security, has declared this Friday morning in Congress that the Government seeks formulas for people to retire later and later. I will never defend that people retire more and more quickly. "He then clarified that" without delaying the legal retirement age. "

Granado said the goal is "that people can stay as long as possible in their job, thus reinforcing the system at a time when all possible reinforcements are needed." The politician closed some days on the future of the public pension system held in the Lower Chamber, organized by the Association of ex-deputies and ex-senators, with the sponsorship of Funcas and Ibercaja.

In statements to the media, he stressed that "lengthening the legal retirement age is a mistake." He insisted that in Spain there is no official retirement age. "People retire when they want and usually want when they can, I think that when someone has pursued such a long career, of 35 or 38 years and has generated such solid rights, it is reasonable to be in solidarity with the youngest and leave your site to someone who needs the job. "

Avoid retirement compensation

On the other hand, Granado said that the decision to recover forced retirement agreed in collective agreements, as proposed by unions and employers, so that you can dispense with a worker at 65 years with a full contribution career without compensation does not affect to the accounts of the public pension system. He clarified that the only ones who can be bothered by this rule is those who prolong their working life beyond retirement age because they seek compensation from the company to leave, and this is what is intended to be avoided.

"Social Security that the norm exists or is not indifferent," he said, stressing that if now the increase in spending on pensions is above 5%, when the rule is restored "will rise the same", because he believes that think that "the BOE determines the decisions on retirement is a wrong trend."

Granado did not rule out legal changes to facilitate active retirement. He acknowledged that at present, compatibility rules are very hard. "We have to do a very deep reflection in terms of which are appropriate for the pension system has no problems and allow the renewal of young people. More and more activities can be exercised perfectly arrived at an advanced age. A writer can not continue working at 70 years? I think so and we have to facilitate it, "he said.

Regarding the established legal age, he said that it was already done in 2011 when it reached 67 years, and still, the real retirement age "has only lasted for six months." We must insist on active retirement, not extend the retirement, especially for workers who have shorter life expectancies because of their activity ".


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