April 18, 2021

The government limits the "moscosos" of the officials

The government limits the "moscosos" of the officials

The Superior Staff Commission of the General State Administration, in which the unions, has distributed to the different departments an agreement on the criteria by which officials can dispose of their freely available days, the so-called «moscosos», by which "a new requirement of proportionality is introduced, in such a way that the days of own matters will be proportional to the time actually worked during the calendar year ", as reported today by the Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF), the most representative union in public administrations.

Although the State Department of Public Administration has clarified in a statement that it is not a cut of the "moscosos", six days of free disposal for particular matters, plus two more days to complete six triennia in the Administration, plus a additional extra day for each triennium completed after the eighth – but for a "clarification" that exclusively affects new public employees and relative only to whether or not they should compute the periods of practice or courses, CSIF maintains that the new interpretation also limits "expressly, among other cases, the days of free disposal of women victims of gender violence who rejoin a leave of absence and those of persons who take leave of absence for family care", an extreme that the government has labeled it "manipulation".

Until now, the days of leave for private matters approved in 1983 were not linked to the period worked and, therefore, were not subject to apportionment or were proportional to the time of service, recalls CSIF. These days, they have been enjoyed since 1983 when the then Minister of the Presidency, Javier Moscoso, approved them to compensate public employees for the loss of purchasing power, since salaries did not increase at the rate of the CPI. These days were reduced in 2012, during the economic crisis and later were recovered by public employees.


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